Ficlets Is A Lifeline

I came on here today and saw this headline. It’s like they chose to put it in red because they were destroying a lifeline. The blood is losing flow, and we are losing a life.

This was and is my lifeline.

I come on here and say what I can’t say to others. All the people that read my ficlets, they don’t exactly know the story behind them, but they help me anyway. These fellow writers, have saved me not only in the past, but this past week. My Uncle died, and reading the comments on my poem about that event made feel like I wasn’t crazy for hurting.

Your fellow ficleteers can say the exact same thing your friends do, but it is more calming. I may not know you personally, but to know that a person somewhere in the world would feel the same pain in a situation, helps me relax.

FIclets… You all, are a lifeline. I feel like a part of me is slowly dying.

We have a month left. Let’s live out the rest of the Ficlet life without regrets and look back with the skills and confidence we have gained.

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