Hey! Wondering?

I admit, I’ve been despairing over this whole uproar. I feel let down by “the people,” but I’ve started to come to grips with this.
However, this does not mean I’m giving up.
I suggest we look for alternative sites, and then try to find out who’s going where. Or, the links to people’s blogs, should that apply.
I haven’t poked around yet, but I noticed somebody had mentioned on the blog announcement (link’s above in that ugly red-and-black Bar of Death) a site called Protagonize. As I mentioned, I have yet to poke around, but on the outset it seems to be a bit like this site, as far as collaboration and a community goes.
Any other suggestions?

My advice: plan for the worst, hope for the best, and as I often say: It could be worse.

Keep your chins up!
Paz, amor, y esperanza,
~g2 (lpi)

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