Fear of flying(manwhore series)

Oh god..this could not be happening…

I saw Lark’s eyes dilate, I saw Kieren lean forward to catch her, he was so afraid..and he didn’t even know what happend.

There were only a couple things I was sure of in those moments..

1)Lark was in a critical stage
2)Shane didn’t even know what he had done to her
3)Kieren was spazzing out
4)There was a chance Lark or her other half could die

Kieren’s face filled with rage as he made is way towards Shane.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He yelled..and a bunch of other words which would all go in the catogory “wild profanity”

Nobody else was aware what was really happening to Lark, I called 911 and everybody was now crowded around in a circle.

Lark was in my arms trying to breathe evenly..

She laughed and I was insanely worried..why could she laugh?

“You’re know that?”I told her.

“I was laughing because I always imagined you here, I mean like getting hurt and going in an’re a serios klutz.”


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