Shattered Rainbows (pt 10) Bad Day Challenge

Even so, I still felt the additional sting of pain that was marked by a serious damage to my pride as a straight A high honor student. Oh, God, when will it all be over? Had I unconsciously predicted these misfortunes all along? I knew all hell would break lose at some point. It was inevitable. Now I’m afraid of sounding like every other teen who had a bad day. The sort who, at the end of the day, groans, “Life really sucks for me because…”
Well, though it’s pretty ironic, I now believe that not wanting to follow the crowd has done me some harm. If I wasn’t me, then would I be going through any of this crap right now? Would I have to worry about my (normal) friends abandoning me? Would I have been so captivated by Julie or close to my grandfather as that my whole world would shatter at the thought of them leaving me? The scary part is, it’s going to be more than a though – it will be an unbelievable reality.

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