Jay opened an eye. “Are you gonna kill me or what?”

Geller threw his head back and laughed. “Kill you! Ha! What good would that do? That’d just get me into jail. I’m not crazy, like you may think!”

“You’re not gonna kill me?” Jay whispered, astonished.

“No! Of course not, you silly bitch. I was just going to give you some of my blood so you could experience powers and what its like to be an outcast. I know that’s what you’ve always wanted. To be special.

Jay cringed and then wilted like a flower, as if all his dreams had just been smashed. “You really hate me, don’t you Geller?”

Geller laughed again and patted Jay on the head. “Nah, I just look at you like a little kid. You didn’t know any better, Jay. I forgive you.. sort of. But that doesn’t erase the stupidity of your actions, so I am going to punish you.” He pulled a granola bar out of his pocket and unwrapped it, chuckling. He took a bite and said through mouthfuls, “Hey, tell me something…” he paused to chew.

“Does Jessie really love me?”

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