Drowning in One-Sentence Ficlet Nirvana

This is the end this is the end this is the end this is the end this is the end this is the end, a single thought played itself through my mind a hundred thousand times, like a record sk-skip-skipping-skipping in an old record player, but I found that, although I tried desperately to get my mind to switch gears – or change tracks so to speak – it didn’t want to, and as the water surged in all around me, the weight tied tightly around my thick ankles dragging me into the deepest, darkest, most obscure parts of the lake, (where THIS IS THE END THIS IS THE END THIS IS THE END THISISTHE END they will never find me not in a million years not if they search until the end of the earth not now and not ever no) I couldn’t even die properly because my life refused to flash before my eyes and no long dark tunnel with a single light at the end stretched out before me, it was just me, sinking into the cold water, thinking one single thought (THE END THE END THE END ) that punished me until even it faded away.

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