Ficlets Memory Idea #1: Ficleteer T - shirt

Being a ficleteer is a wonderful thing, and I hope we will all remember what an amazing experience ficlets has been. So here are some ideas to make sure that our memories on ficlets will never be forgotten.

#1: Ficleteer T – shirt
Get a plain T – shirt of any color. Using fabric paint, write “Long live!” on the front of it. Then, below that, write your pen name. For example, I would write, “SaveTheUnicorns.”
Then, on the left sleeve, write “2006 – 2009”.
(Because these are the dates of the birth and demise of ficlets.) On the right sleeve, write your AOL screen name.
Next, on the back, write your pen name once again. Below that, write the following phrases: “Read, reply, ficlet or die.” “Write on, fellow ficleteers, write on!” “Unleash the power of the pen!” Add any other doodles or graphics if desired.
Note: no one has to follow these guidelines word for word. This was just a little idea that I came up with. I am open to any other suggestions to make ficlets live on in memory.

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