A Heart's Desire

There was a click and the line went dead. She pulled the phone away from her ear relucantly, tears welling in her eyes and her heart yearning for more. She took a deep breath trying to stead herself but it didn’t help any.

Why couldn’t they just be together…? They loved each other and that’s all that should have mattered. But space and unwilling parents kept them seperate. They managed ok when they talked to each other for endless hours, but that could never replace the time they were losing to be near one another.

Why couldn’t their parents understand and see? Why couldn’t they tell how much the two meant to the other? Was it that difficult to see the love evident in their eyes when the other was simply mentioned? Couldn’t their parents grasp that is was killing the two to be apart?

Each ached to be near the other. Every night grew worse and worse. Now their talking time was being taken from them.

A tear stole sightly down the girl’s cheek as she wished, with everything she had, to be near him.

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