In the midst of the battle between Batman and the Joker, Gotham was in chaos. I ran from the explosions, taking a left down an alley. When the Batpod turned down the alley. I screamed for him to stop, but he kept coming at me and it all went black.

I woke up staring up into the sky beyond the dirty alley, between the buildings the night sky was partly cloudy. Again everything went black.

I looked into a puddle and stared in dismay at the reflection of myself. The pieces of glass now imbedded in my face, gave of a reflection into the puddle creating an endless loop. How could a superhero do this? They get so involved in catching their villan they disregaurd everyone else. To be the good guy they have to be the bad guy.

I knew how to find him, he was where the Joker was. I could see the Joker hanging from the building.

I got up there to find the giggling Joker but no Batman. Everyone will say either Batman or the S.W.A.T killed the Joker.

They’re wrong, I did.

I Am Mirror.

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