Yolkie Van Ackle

Yolkie Van Ackle talked up a storm.
She yacked yacked with no relief.
Her mother told her to stop, but she didn’t conform.
In a minute the world she could give grief.
At night she snackled and tackled the news,
Took over the TV with her loquacious doings
Yolkie’s parents were not in the least amused.
In the morning her speaking needed no renewing.
Her friends were now fiends,
Her teacher ran away.
But the principal refused to intervene.
Once she’d start talking, no one would stay.
Gone was her hamster (she’d talked him to death),
Gone was her gloopt, her glopta, her yeeth
Gone was her role in the play “Macbethâ€?.
She talked so much, she needed new teeth.

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