Somethings In The Air4

Linda winced not wanting to deal with anything hairy. For some reason thought back to her ex-boyfriend. Asshole,
she thought.
“Werewolf?â€? Linda asked. Sybille nodded and got up to get her red book.
“Werewolves were once loyal to vampyres, man’s best friend. However, a deranged werewolf-â€?
“Turned rebel and started a war? Cliché.â€?
“Well there’s more to it then that. Rodigo Corona the werewolf traitor, really messed things up. The vampyres knew that a lot of the werewolves would remain loyal, but it was becoming difficult to tell which were good and which were bad. Eventually after numerous deaths of vampyres and werewolves caused by betraying each other, they went into a full blown war.â€?
“What happened with that, did the werewolves lose? Is that why they wanna kill me? I thought vampyres were immortal… wait is the war still going on when did it happen?”
“All your questions will be answered in time,” Sybille said smiling. “I think I’m going to need help. There is someone you need to meet.”

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