The Real Hurt

I look into your beautiful deep brown eyes and see you looking right back at me. You are listening to every word I say as if the future of the world depends on you listening to my pointless rambling. You gently stroke my hand sending soft tingles up my arm. As I tell you about how I hate my laugh you reply “Your laugh is what I love about you” in your deep voice. I love the time I spend in your powerful arms; you make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. I feel so safe here in your embrace and find it absolutely sexy that you are so strong that you could crush me in an instant but instead you hold me softly but firmly, like you will never hurt me and will never let go. So perfect. I feel so safe here encased by your sculpted biceps. I want so badly to kiss you right now but i can’t because I remember you belong to that other girl, the one you call your girlfriend. So strong yet you will never hurt me, oh wait you have. You stole my heart, the only real hurt that can be caused in this world.

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