The Baroness' Morning

Morning sunlight angled through the hall windows, intermittently lighting the maid’s feet as she hurried along. Her mistress, the Baroness Brunhilde Upstance Von Gorgen of Upper Hawthorne, had sent for her quite urgently. The maid had long since become used to sudden whims, spurts of temper, and throws of passion. Fortunately, and unlike her employer, the maid was possessed of a quiet and patient disposition, able to contend with all manner of perturbations simply by taking them in stride. Her long stride now took her swiftly to the chamber door of the Baroness, as she was commonly known, her full title being so long. There were other names for her in common use, particularly not in her presence, but going over them would simply be in poor taste.
Inside her room, the Baroness herself was a whirlwind of activity, and her room showed the effects of having contained for thus far in the morning such a sizeable storm. Lest there be any mistake, the Baroness was a large woman..

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