Ever View

“On your way back, you’ll want to go through the Presidential Tunnel, then go through five sets of lights, take a left on…”

He squinted into the dark through the rain, which was so think that the windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the continuous beating of the rain against the car. He tried to remember Emmy’s instructions, but the truth was that he was hopelessly lost along the narrow, winding roads of the backcountry.

The lights of civilization approached on the right in the form of an all-night roadside diner. “All nite, eat rite,” the neon sign flashed. It looked dirty, even from the outside.

He parked his car, and grabbed his map. As he entered, a bell rang over the door. There was no one inside, save a tired, somewhat familiar-looking waitress.

“Hey, this is going to sound stupid, but what town am I in?” he asked her, spreading out his map of Montana.

“Ever View,” she said, simply. Damn, she looked familiar…

But, try as he might, he could not find the town on his map.

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