Thoughts Of You

She sits there in the driver’s seat of his car staring blankly at the steering wheel. “God, what am I doing! My fiance is in there screwing that girl and I am just sitting here waiting for him to let me know he’s finished!” She hits her head against the steering wheel and begins to cry.
After crying for what seemed forever she lifts her head and looks up at the house the girls house. “I love him so much but am I doing the right thing by allowing this?!”
Her thoughts are interupted by the insistant buzzing of her cell phone recieving a text message. She pulls herself together, checks her face in the rear veiw mirror then reads the text. It is him, she reads it out loud done . “Well, I guess that is my cue” she whispers to herself.
She looks in the mirror again and shakes her head, “I am such a mess.” Then she picks up her purse from the passenger seat, pulls the keys out of the ignition and gets out of the car. She straightens her skirt, wiped the tear from her eye and walked in the door.

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