Van Mantra's Betrayal

Van Mantra had showed himself. Not by the road, as people had expected, rather, he was seen by all walking in from the desert. He had the usual calm look about him, the usual confident demeanor that he conducted himself.Behind him, there were people that were when you saw them at first appeared as the most normal people you ever saw.As you looked them for a bit longer, they changed, changing their forms every second to be the exact copy of one of the people that were there.It was frightening to see something so unnatural happening right in front of their eyes. Van Mantra however, remained unphased, and the people followed his example.By now it was almost midnight, and Van Mantra had not said a word. Instead, the people saw a shooting star, that was heading right at them at an incredible speed.Everyone was looking at the sky, awaiting their demise.Van Mantra slipped away unnoticed, a little smile on his lips.As he looked on from far away, the comet did what was expected. As they say, curiousity killed the cat.

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