Mantra, or Mezin?

By now, both Van Mantra’s commercials and the Mezin’s were being shown worldwide, and everyone had an opinion. Some followed the strange demands of Van Mantra, while others mocked them with the words of the Mezin.

On Sept. 30th Mantra believers and disbelievers alike tuned into channel 527 as previously told.

Van Mantra, as always, sat behind a desk without an expression.

“Good afternoon friends. As we all know, Oct. 28th is drawing near. The word of the Mezin is poisoning the minds of many. Those who know the the truth, will follow me as we attempt to save our race. Those who have fallen to the lies of the Mezin are always welcome to our side of the fight. Oh, and keep a bright light handy.”

Right after the message ended, another commercial ran. A tall thin man stood in a door way.

“Ha, can you belive that guy? Who is he to tell us what to do? Who is he to declare a war? Well, alot of things are going to change due to him and his ignorant followers. Join the Mezin, lets change them back.”

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