Kindred Spirits

“I was just thinking about that!”
“Well, yeah, the smell’s kind of over-powering, isn’t it?”
I just smiled at him, and he simply smiled back.

“Where are you from that you know how to smell rain?” I was curious to know, “Most city folk don’t even notice.”
“Yeah, well, most city folk don’t notice a lot of things. And they definitely don’t stop to help a person who’s dropped his things,” He repiled, “I grew up in a very small town. When you walked down the street, the people all stopped to say ‘hello,’ and ‘how are you?’ I really miss it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. The day my neighbors moved in, my mom dropped everything to help them unpack. They were really great people, I knew them as well as my own family. Here, however, well, there was the time I dropped the lamp and the lady that lives in the apartment below came up and yelled at me.”

“People here just don’t care about the simple things, like walks in the park,” he said.

“Or storms,” I smiled.
And just then, they sky opened up.

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