The First Sightings

On a brisk Saturday afternoon, October 20th, a boy out bike
riding along the coastline of Felixstowe, England looked up
and spotted several gleaming gold discs hovering above
the North Sea. He described them as “a collection of
bright round coins, blue squares in the center of each. The
craft hovered near the coastline for several minutes, eventually disappearing beneath the surface of the sea.”

The boy had actually shot video of this extraordinary event with
his cell phone, instantly uploading it to YouTube. The BBC was
quick to air this spectacle on the News at 6, their benumbed viewers at first struggling to hide their utter bemusement at what
was unfolding before their eyes. But what of Van Mantra? He
had not been heard from in days.

As the sightings grew in number, people feverishly prepared for October 28th. Armed with flashlights, blow horns, guns, and trusty pets, those who heeded the pleas of Van Mantra seemed
prepared for the ensuing battle between Mantra and Mezin.

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