Never Again

He pushes me away, gently but persistently. No sound escapes his lips, but I stiffen, trying to push back the anguish that threatens to overwhelm me.

I see it in his eyes. I will never touch him again, never slip my arms around his waist, never feel his lips brush my cheek, never feel the comfort of his arms around me.

Our time alone together is through.

I feel his eyes on my back as I take carefully measured steps away from him, every move filled with the dignity that comes with loss. I want more than almost anything to turn around, to see his face one last time, the way it used to be, when he wanted me with him, but I know in my heart that if I see those blue eyes even one more time, then I will be lost. I won’t be able to leave.

So I leave him now, while I still can, ignoring the pain in my heart that I know will haunt me for an eternity. One phrase plays in my head over and over again, like a broken record. I will never see him again.

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