A Single Shot

I ran. I could hear the planes and the bombs and the tanks. And I ran. All I could think about was to get away. What was I thinking? I’m no soldier. I’m not even 18. I’m not even 16! What was I thinking? I cant fight a war. I dont want to die! Thats all I could think of. Get away, get away. My twin brother and I thought we wanted adventure, glory, blood. We thought we wanted war. Boy were we stup-... There was a single shot. The last thing I heard in this world was a single shot, echoed by machines and noises of the war.

Miles away, at the exact moment I died. My mother’s locket drops to the ground. My father rushes out of our tiny shack to console my mother. He dosent understand why she is crying and screaming. But she does, she knows.

My baby sister is crying and in the distance, if you listen very closely you can hear bombs, planes, and a single shot.

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