Enlightened Perspectives (Marcus' adventures begin)

Marcus struggled to keep from bursting out in laughter . . . blah blah finally he heard what his supervisor was saying. ” . . and I just don’t understand why you keep coming in late. I mean if there’s anything going on, just let me know, we can work with you.” blah blah the droning sound of George’s voice faded out again. Marcus was on to bigger and better things.

His supervisor was still in mid sentence when Marcus got up and signed the Performance Improvement Document, walked out the conference room toward his cubicle and grabed his coat, some pictures and the drawings that his daughter made for him.

His rude behavior did not matter anymore. Nothing physical mattered. He could think through mind problems in mere seconds. As new forms of math were being created in his mind, previous methods just derived were becoming obsolete; even those would baffle the most renowned scientist.


The sound was barely audible to him, but that last synapse was very important.

He vanished from sight.

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