Meridian - The Threshold

“Is this some kind of joke?” Jerry asked, walking a circle around the shining, white door. He was suddenly wary of this man, who he didn’t know and yet felt compelled to trust.

Jack looked appropriatly taken aback. “My boy, this is no joke.”

The sun had already set, and night settled all around Jerry. The air felt like a weight upon his shoulders. Somewhere far off, there was still the sound of whistling. But it was fading away like a radio station that had gone out of range.

Jerry knew that he had a sudden decision to make.

When Jack grasped the handle of the door, everything became deathly quite. The distant music instantly stopped. The noise from the nearby interstate flicked off like a light bulb. The dasies stopped moving, stopped rustling.

Jerry felt as though someone had just pressed pause on physical presence of reality. He felt like he was choking.

Jack pulled the door open, and Jerry made his decision. He walked over the threshold and everything went black.

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