Power Eternal

She felt something brush her foot, and a shock like lightning shot through her, drawing her to her knees once more, mouth open in a silent scream. The night suddenly became dark, thunder clouds roiling across the sky as if somebody had sped up time. The moon and stars vanished, plunging the world into stormy black. She heard a roaring through her ears, unsure if it was the ocean rising up to meet her or if it was her own racing heart.

Visions began to flash through her mind, far worse than any dream. Battle, spears, blood, fear, fire, death, a constant succession of terror and darkness. She could smell the blood, taste the fear as the heat of the fire licked her skin. Then there were drums, beating a primeval tattoo as the vision shifted. Now there was glass, an eternal period of waiting, watching, biding, hoping for a way to break from this strange prison. Elation and a journey of water and darkness, then a blinding flash of light as she was brought forcefully back into her own body. Yes.

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