my rawr

“Junior, you have only been alive for 13 days. Chill out a little bit. Slow it down. It’s great that you like to impress the humans, but you can’t go on wearing yourself out every day for them!!”
“I know mom, but you should just see the looks on their faces!”
“I know that it thrills you, and thats great honey, but I mean take a break.”
“Do you think we could have the people who feed us take down these glass walls? I mean it would just be great if there wasn’t one cuz I could let the humans touch me. And when I do my rawr it would just be great if there wasn’t a wall to muffle the sound!!!!! Just imagine what they would do if they saw how totally awesome my rawr was!! They might put me in a movie, a movie starring me!!! That would be so cool! and then i would have millions of money!! Don’t you think that would be cool mom?”
“Yes honey, just great. Your going to have to work on that rawr though.”
“Well duh mom!!! Everybody knows you have to practice!!”

“Hey dad! Listen to my Rawr!!!”

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