A Plan. . .?

There really wasn’t a solidified point to the Corridor. It seemed to be just. . .there. The citizens were told it was a divine structure; it was placed there for a reason. Only the families of the Builders knew the truth, but for all I knew, even that might’ve been a lie.

It’s really a pointless structure, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe there’s point behind it all, but to me, it seemed like they wanted an excuse to make slaves out of normal citizens, then waste them away for no good reason.

Either way, I was becoming slower and sicker. The fumes and dirt that we stirred up settled in my every pore, becoming my very being. It was absolutely miserable, a living nightmare.

That night, we set out our sleeping slabs upon the cold ground. As the Guard left temporarily to switch posts with another Guard, I crawled over to Dadaelee and the others. There we formulated our plan.

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