John woke, sweating, from another nightmare. It’d been weeks since his last bout of premonitions, but good things only last for so long.
But why did it have to be this person? John was used to saving pets, and flowers, and even children…but adults were tricky. The dreams tended to be blurry when about adults…something about karmaic clarity…
Still, he’d managed to save a few of them, but usually, they were people he didn’t know, like that hobo guy who lives under the bridge. But, his girlfriend’s mom?
It wasn’t like he could do anything about it! They’d known it was a possibility for more than a year. And everyone dies eventually…the only difference now was that he knew when. The cancer treatments had already stopped working, and they’d get the news within a week. He nearly cried because of the helplessness he felt. He’d seen death loads of times, but it always made him feel powerful, being able to thwart it. But now, what could he do?

And what was he going to tell his girlfriend?

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