Held for Ransom

An old woman was thrust into the penthouse. Judge Dench sat behind her.

“Ah, so she did escape the Forget,” the Sovereign Marshall observed.

“Yes, Your Sovereignty, but there is much more urgent news. There has been a Builder breakout in the Corridor. All four have escaped.”

“Relax, Dench. They must pass through this very Tower to get outside. I wouldn’t classify it as an escape, yet.”

“But Your Sovereignty—”

The Marshall held up a hand, silencing the Judge.

“I have already expressed myself on this matter. There shall be no further discussion on it. Meanwhile, Judge, take the Guard and station them all around the Tower, but most especially the lower levels. Be ready for the Builders wherever they may arrive.”

The Judge bowed and left the room. The old woman lifted her head.

“You have already done enough to my family. Dali and the others will escape,” she croaked.

“Oh, I sincerely doubt it. Especially when he finds out we have his mother.”

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