Unwanted Subjects, The Queen Strikes Back

It was the worst nightmare that no person had ever imagined. She stood at one corner of the room, while the chickens stood at the other corner awaiting her to address them. She had no other choice. Those chickens could’ve died a humane, fast, death, she had given them that opportunity. She tried to call up a shred of royal bearing, she realized she didn’t have any royal bearing, and faked it.

“My loyal subjects, I , the queen, am in need of solitude. You are dismissed. I do not think that they will be any more threats to my life for today.”

So, the chickens left her while they flocked outside throughout the window. She locked the window in what she hoped was an elegant way, then she went to her mother’s room, and dug through the underwear drawer. Aha! There it was. She dug out the machine gun and went to the window. The chickens were reproducing again. Becky hoped that she could figure out how to use this thing before they figured that the machine gun was a threat to her. She better figure it out quick.

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