Questions and Answers

Well, that was easier than expected. The Sovereign Marshall looked at me with his piercing gray eyes, as if searching for something. I felt exposed.

“The Endless Corridor,” he said. “You want to know about the Endless Corridor?”

I nodded. Get on with it.

“Well there are many things to say about the Corridor, but I suppose you want to know why it was built, what it’s for, but most probably, why you have to build on it?”

“That. Most especially that.”

“Well for me to give an accurate rendition, it would take months. But I’ll dumb it down for you. The Corridor was started thousands of years ago. The Marshall that started it had a specific reason for it, a definite purpose, in fact.”


“Don’t interrupt. I’ll lose my train of thought. Now, at that time, there were three specific citizens that were just born that posed a threat to this Marshall. He couldn’t just kill them off in the public eye. So he had to-”

“Who was the Marshall then?”

“Why, me, of course.”

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