“Wake-up sleeping beauty.” someone whispered in my ear. When I opened my eyes I found Ty’s eyes staring back into mine. They were so blue. I tryed to prop myself up but I realized my legs were wrapped around one of Ty’s legs, one of my hands was on his pecs and my other hand was on his shoulder along with my head. Ty was really strong and I hadn’t noticed until now because his shirt was off! Was it off when he fell asleep?
“What’s going on?” I asked Ty. As my gaze shifted around the room I noticed Teddy and Mitch in a corner. I stood up and he finally replied “Umm I don’t know. You were asleep so I decieded to wake you up.” He said nicely.
“Well, what are Teddy and Mitch doing here?” I asked him.
“They’re here?” He responded sounding suprized.
“Yes, they’re in that corner”I said pointing to the corner. They stood up. I hadn’t noticed til now but they had a video camera!
“Give me that!” I shouted. They ran and I chased after them.
“Linz! Wait!” Ty shouted, but I just kept running a tear fell from my eye.

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