The Builder Cover-Up

I stared at him. Ok, well… I thought. This was an interesting piece of information. The Marshall smiled at my confusion.

“Yes, I am exactly 1,024 years old, Dali,” he said. “And so are you and your friend Fauxtes there, give or take a few years. But that is a secret for another day.”

What?!? This was the biggest revelation of the life I didn’t even know I had, and he wouldn’t expand on it?

“Like I was saying, there were three individuals, including you two, who posed a certain threat to me. I couldn’t kill them in full view, so I had to devise a different way to keep them out of the way. That’s when I thought of the Endless Corridor. I disguised it as a divine building, a mysterious offering for the gods. Therefore, the people chosen to work on it would become heroes in the public eye, when in reality, they were prisoners under my control. I named them the Builders. The Builders that you think have come before you were in fact meaningless, a fill-in, if you will.”

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