Operation: Gooshyfood

Fluffy finished wiring the last connection. This was it. She was finally ready.

It had taken the longest time to track down where they kept the gooshyfood. It had taken even longer to case the facility, taking careful note of guard rotations and other comings and goings. She had proceeded with care, because there were no second chances in this business.

But at last she had made her plan, and carried it out with care and efficiency. She had placed the devices herself; she was not above getting her own paws dirty when there was so much to be gained.

Fluffy took one final look around, and then with both paws, pushed the plunger home on the detonator.

BOOM ! The explosion blew the doors off of the warehouse and flung gooshyfood cans all over the street. YES ! Fluffy cheered silently, dashing forward to begin collecting her bounty.

It was only after she had carted away the third wheelbarrow load that Fluffy realized she had forgotten to buy a can opener.

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