The Ceremony of Silence

All was silent in the crowd as a long line of men and women filed up to the stage. They would be the ones, the new members, who would attend the Ceremony of Silence and take a vow of silence. The only audible voice was the clerk’s, filling out names and asking the participants the last thing they would like to say before they would never be able to speak again.

Several people had inspiring speeches ready for them in their pockets, while others deigned to say nothing at all. Some people were there because they were forced, for you could not be a true citizen until you attended the Ceremony.

As the line drew near the end, the audience watched in (silent) approval as their sons or daughters became citizens. The clerk finally reached a somewhat scruffy boy.

“Name?” the clerk said, for he was the only one allowed to talk.


“Last words?”

Jeddy cleared his throat and took a deep breath, facing the audience.

“This is the song that never ends,
It just goes on and on my friends. . . .”

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