Tell Me A Story

“Mommy, tell me a story.” My son said with those big, grey eyes of his.

“What do you want to hear tonight?” I brush away the soft hair from the pale of his face.

“Tell me a story about you and Daddy.” He always wanted to hear a story about his father and I, like we were all fairy tale characters and we would have a happy ending.

I sigh, “Havent you heard enough of those. Dont you want to hear a story about Brer Rabbit?” His little head shakes and his big eyes start to get even bigger. If he starts with the crying, I’d have no choice but to give in.

“What about a story with Mermaids” He shakes his head again. “Elephants?” He just stares at me with those watering eyes, his father’s eyes. “Alright alright. You win, Damion.”

“Once upon the 90’s in a land called California there lived a stuggleing actress by the name of Sarah…”

He always drifts of to sleep before David dies in a 9-11. I think thats why he thinks its a fairy tale. “And they all lived happily ever after.”

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