The Beetle/Puppy/Elephant Shows Me The Way

Darkness had been my ultimate surrounding since I stepped through the door. It was complete, quite stifling, repressive. And silent. Most definitely silent.

I looked back at the door, the only object visible in this place. It seemed to float in space, as if there were no floor or walls.

When I looked back, I found myself face-to-face with a rather large beetle.

I screamed. The beetle smiled. . .I think.

“Hello,” the beetle said in a surprisingly affable tone, made all the more surprising by turning into a small puppy. “You must be Frank Wilheln.”

“How do you-?” But then I stopped myself. I was starting to be less surprised by things here.

The puppy grinned and turned into a elephant. “I just do. Now, you’re looking for your daughter? Or, no, wait. . .something for your granddaughter?”

I nodded.

“Yes, well, you might be able to find it through that door down there,” it said, pointing with its trunk. “Unfortunately, I’m afraid they don’t let just anybody through.”

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