Mumble Jumble

Do I have to use all 1024 characters? I ask myself. Of course! I scold. No editing!

Many things running through my head… the dance we have to do tonight… remembering which part to sing, and which to do sign language… Crap, this is hard.

Stupid Pizza-lickers! I think, remembering the snickering during my essay in the 8th grade… I’d written about the importance of imagination. I know what you’re thinking, I walked right into that one.

I wonder about where I’m going with future “Ernie” sequels, considering killing off a character in the “Scarlet” one… Maybe Charlie, he’s getting annoying….

Ugh, Baobabs by Regina Spektor is playing in my mind… I still love that song, though.

Resisting the urge to read this over to find probable mistakes… Oh, so very hard…

Only 212 left. 197. Anyway, it’s been fun… Whoa, that totally sounded “Olaf-ish”. And question: Can I write a sequel to book the 13th? I want to, but don’t know if it’s allowed.

28. Hm, just filling space.

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