The Melody

As Keira strode away from the lakeside in a fit of near uncontrollable rage, the ripples in the lake slowly disappeared. Once again, even though the madness welling up inside the young woman was almost to a boiling point, she was able to eventually turn around to once again face the serene stillness of the lakeside.

Suddenly, almost unexpectedly, even though it should have been greatly anticipated, the music began to come, in grand swells, writing itself inside Keira’s head. Almost immediately, the madness drained itself out of her tiny body, leaking out and disappearing into the rich earth beneath her.

Quietly making her way back to her seat in the lake bed, floating along on the music in her head, Keira allowed everything to simply flow out of her with every measure. As the music composed itself within her brain, the dirty blonde allowed her hair to, for the first time in years, hang down into the crystal clear waters…

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