Dogs Can Play Poker, Why Can't Cats Play Crazy Eights?

“Mew!” A happy Frulubell said. She stood up and circled me for a second, her way of telling me she was hungry. I walked in there, fixing her some tuna(that cat food tastes like crap, don’t ask me how I know) and putting it into her bowl. I checked my watch boredly and blinked.

“It’s two in the afternoon. Why am I so sleepy?” It was true. I was yawning. Sure enough, my friends followed. I sent them on their way and headed to bed. Little did I know at the time that Frulubell had her own card games late at night. Until I heard a soft mewing… then talking.

“Alright, alright, come on! We don’t have all night.” I could only guess that it was my Frulubell’s voice. But with an English accent? She was a Persian! Well, whatever. Then I heard a guy’s voice with a New York accent like Tony Soprano.

“Hey, Fruit Loop, what’s with the rush today?” Fruit Loop? Must be a nickname for Frulubell. Frulubell, Fruit Loop. Yeah, that almost sounds the same. Although, I was still perplexed. Cats’ voices are weird.

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