Slow Consumption, Room for Redemption

Jax stood at the end of the walkway. He had her book in his hand, she realized with a start.

“Jax! How could you do that to me?” She felt the tears well up in the corners of her eyes and a lump developed in her throat. “How could you just steal it?”

He sighed. He had expected this.

But her imagination was consuming her. He had to try and pull her out. Even if it meant stealing.

He looked at the book again. He had spent hours leafing through it. There was no denying that it was an amazing piece of work. Then again, Em was an amazing person.

“Em…,” he started. She looked away.

“Em! Look at me!” She looked. He felt the hot tears begin to fall down his cheeks. “I’ve known you since before I can remember! How can you just throw it all away? And all for this!”

He threw the book on the ground in front of Em. She started; looked like she had been slapped.

“Em, IT’S NOT REAL !” He was really crying now. He lowered his voice, until it was almost a whisper. “Why can’t you see? I’m real…”

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