The Girl on the Beach

The girl finally got away from her mother, skipping away while she pulled out a sandwich and a Redbook magazine. She needed to be alone with her thoughts.

The image of a beatiful woman, arched on the seashore, and decomposing into foam, while her arms were stretched out, was stuck in her mind, like a stuck movie reel.


Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why did the story have to end so bad. Why didn’t the prince fall in love with her? Why didn’t she go after him? Why didn’t someone kill the sea witch. Where did the heroes go?

With these thoughts on her mind, it was a wonder that she was looking down at the time. If her eyes had not fallen on that particular spot at that particular time, the wondrous events that would fall into place would never have.

In the puffs of foam, there was a corked glass bottle. Inside was a piece of paper.

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