Teach me to live [7]

When Ritchie’s 17th birthday came around, Christine took the initiative as his mother to plan a grand party. She cooked a monstrous amount of lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread. All to be finished with a cake homemade and second to none. Three large layers of chocolate cake and vanilla frosting, with 17 candles perfectly alligned on top. She invited all of his friends and got one of them to bring some music. The entire night was wonderful. But in the chaos, She had forgotten to take her insulin. Planning a party can be a stressful affair and it slipped her mind. And what kind of cook would she be if she didn’t have a taste of what she made? So what if it was against her diet? But the highlight of the evening was the dancing. Oh what fun it was and her husband did show her that he hadn’t lost his touch on the dance floor. The party ended around twelve and everyone was completely wiped out.

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