Nearahir and Farawae

“Werewolf! For no one but the fiancee himself knew this terrible secret, kept from even his father, King of Farawae. Therefore, the king of Farawae wanted his son to marry the princess of Nearahir, connecting the two kingdoms together in one glorious friendship!”

Kristin said nothing, transfixed.

“But Vinken’s, for that was the fiancee’s name, secret leaked out. Another king grabbed ahold of the secret, for he only wished horrible things on Nearahir and Farawae. You see, he thought he might use this secret to turn them against eachother! So, he sent out two men with a package…”

“You mean the ones earlier?” Kristin suddenly yelled, triumphant in her discovery.

“The very same. He sent them out with a package, a package that contained evidence that would tear the kingdoms apart.”

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