An Awfully Great Adventure

“Please think about what you’re doing, Ana!â€?

Ana smiled at her friend as she pulled her traveling pack on to her back. “I have thought about it Max, and I’m doing what I must. There’s no future here for me, always waiting for the chandelier to fall, waiting for the day my father sells me into marriage. Since we can never be married, then I wish to be free!â€?

“Well, yes, happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance, but that is not a reason to leave everything that you know, and those who love you!â€?

Ana looked out into the darkness. “I want life to be an adventure Max,â€? she pleaded. “You are a man, I don’t expect you to understand.â€?

“But what if this adventure just leads to death?â€?

“Then death should be an awfully great adventure.â€?

“I will find you one day,â€? he said with finality. “You’ll be the compass of every path I take.â€?

The bells tolled midnight, and she quickly hugged her friend. “The bell invites me,â€? she said. “I go and it is done. I look forward to the day we can meet again.”

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