Dinner Conversation

The sound of silverware clinking against the porcelain dinnerware nearly put Prince Hugo to sleep. He did his best to ignore it, though, and his father told him to “eat his mutton.”

Prince Hugo sighed and stabbed his mutton with a fork.

“Why do you insist on silverware at the dinner table?” King Hugo asked his son.

“I don’t like eating with my hands. They get dirty.”

“Hm. Oh yes! I stopped by the Wizard’s house today.”

“Oh really? What did he say?” Prince Hugo asked in a bored voice.

“He said I’m going to be assassinated by an Imperial Ninja from the southern reaches of Hiwataki.”

Awkward silence.

“What?!?” Prince Hugo yelled, breaking it. “Dad! You never told me this before?”

“Oh, I really didn’t think it was important. Sorry.”

“Sorry? Dad, you’re going to be killed!”

“Oh, yes, well. I just figured I’d tell you now so you can prepare yourself for your kingdom. It will belong to you in two days, after all.”

“Well, I’m not going to let you be murdered just yet.”

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