The Assassination of King Hugo XXXXVI

King Hugo XXXXVI sat tiredly in his magnificent four-poster bed, curtains drawn aside so he could talk to his son.

“Look, Hugo, I know you’re upset over this, and I wish it weren’t going to happen, really. I feel sort of bad just handing you kingship right off the bat.”

“Handing me kingship? Dad, according to you, you’re going to die sometime in the next few hours.”

“Well, just think of it this way. Once I’m gone, this wonderful bed and this wonderful castle and this wonderful kingdom will all be yours. Once you wash the sheets, that is. Though I have heard that the Imperial Ninjas are so skilled that they can kill a man without spilling so much as—”

“Dad, stop! You’re making me sick.” Hugo Jr. turned away, putting his head in his hands. How was he possibly going to stay awake the entire night to guard his father?

Prince Hugo turned around. He screamed. He had only turned around for a minute!

It looked like the kingdom was his now.

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