The Road to Hiwataki

Hugo sighed, his breath sputtering in the rain hammering down on him. As the flickering lights of the small hamlet blurred into view, Hugo sat in his thoughts.

He could still remember the way the crowd had reacted after his “proclamation.” First they were all cheers as he was crowned, then they got cynical and disappointed when he told them he was leaving. “Who’s gonna lead us?” one man had said. So he had left the care of the kingdom in the hands of the Wizard of the West, a choice he had some qualms over, but he would at least hold it together until Hugo got back.

And then there was the matter of even finding this Ninja! Sure, he knew where Hiwataki was, but finding a single Ninja among thousands of others was no small task. Especially when they’re in disguise, Hugo thought. Then again, that’s why Ninjas wear them, isn’t it?

He was shocked to discover a drop sliding down his face that was distinctly different from rain. Should he have left? Was he really cut out to be king?

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