Dog Treats

I rolled over that morning, sat up, and reached for the light. Our dog Princess’s snoring sounded louder than usual

“Hey, girl, problems breathing?â€? I whispered. My wife was also still snoring. Earplugs would be good.

When the light flickered on, I recoiled. Instead of the fat little mutt I was expecting, I had a rather large gargoyle curled up at the foot of my bed. White fluff had become green scales, horns sprouted from her temples, and her claws looked like scalpels.

Princess blinked, licked her chops. Her fangs were like tusks, and her tongue was black and forked. Her eyes were red and whirling.

“Princess?â€? I stuttered as I backed away. “Honey! Wake up!â€? I called to my wife.

My wife rolled over and groaned. “Just take her out and give her a treat.â€?

So I did. I hope the neighbors don’t miss their cow.

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