An Extra Pudding

“I have you two.” Reggie smiled at Phineas and Ananova.
“We’re not going to help you.” Ananova rolled her eyes.
“Yeah, we’re not gonna help you, see?” Phineas stuck a toothpick in his mouth. Ananova glared at him, before turning to the matter at hand.
“You cannot…”
“Why? Because it’s wrong? My gosh, Ana! That’s all you care about, isn’t it? Making sure that people think you’re good, but doing things behind their back?” Reggie screamed.
“You are not dragging me into this. Not no way, not no how.”
“Ana, maybe he has a point. This could be our chance to be put on the map!” Phineas intervened.
“So you’re going to take an extra pudding at lunch time?!?”
“Don’t try to stop me. And no one can help me. Not even you.” Reggie walked courageously to the front of the line.

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