The Winner Of Stovohobo's "Ficlet the Meaningless Number, Challenge the Second" Challenge Is...

Well, as you hopefully know, it is August 19th, the end of the “Ficlet the Meaningless Number, Challenge the Second” challenge. With a record two (2) votes, the competition was fierce. Unfortunately, there were simply not enough votes to be fair, though I still took them into consideration when choosing the winner.

Also, to be clear, the winner doesn’t really win a prize or anything. 1) I don’t have any idea what the prize would be, 2) I wouldn’t have a clue on how to get it to you, 3) Ummm….your consolation “prize” can be bragging rights!

So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the big drum roll, the shower of confetti, the tops of it all!


shown in a ficlet titled “Gold Medal” coming later today, there will also be ficlets before that titled “Honorable Mention,” “Bronze Medal,” and “Silver Medal.”

Thank you for participating and voting (for the two people that did), and watch out for those ficlets!

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